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Original programmer BeeProg Universal programmer Chinese Beeprog Device Programmer

Original programmer BeeProg Universal programmer Chinese Beeprog Device Programmer

Original programmer BeeProg Universal programmer Chinese Beeprog Device Programmer

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: vipprog
Certification: CE
Model Number: VIP825

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 50
Delivery Time: 2-3days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000
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Detailed Product Description
Name: BeeProg Universal Programmer

Elnec Beeprog programmer is Universal Device Programmer (with 48 Pin ZIF socket) in chinese market, Beeprog universal programmer supports over 71760 IC devices, Beeprog programmer support all devices in DIP with default socket, and non-DIP packages up to 48 pins with universal adapters.

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Functions of BeeProg Universal programmer

1. support all devices in DIP with default socket
3. support devices in non-DIP packages up to 48 pins with universal adapters
4. programmer is compatible with third-party adapters for non-DIP support

Features of BeeProg Universal programmer

1.) 71760 supported devices by 2.42 version of SW (13. Sep. 2015)
2.) extremely fast programming, one of the fastest programmers in this category. Programs 16-Mbit Flash memory less than 18 seconds
3.) 48-pins powerful pindrivers, no adapter required for any DIL devices
4.) connector for in-circuit programming (ISP)
5.) dual connection to PC: USB or parallel (printer) port
6.) USB 2.0/1.1 compatible interface
7.) alternatively high-speed IEEE 1284 (ECP/EPP) printer-port (LPT) interface
8.) comfortable and easy to use control program, Windows XP/7/8 x64 compatible
9.) Multiprogramming possible by attaching more programmers to one PC
10.) warranty - 1 years

BEEPROG Universal programmer summary

1. BeeProg Universal Programmer is the First member of new USB-compatible generation of Windows /XP/7/8 32bit or 64bit based ELNEC universal programmers built to meet the strong demand of the developers community for the fast and reliable universal programmer.
2. BeeProg Universal Programmer Supports all kinds of types and silicon technologies of today and tomorrow programmable devices without family-specific module. You have freedom to choose the optimal device for your design. Using built-in in-circuit serial programming (ISP) connector, the programmer is able to program ISP capable chips in circuit.
3. BeeProg isn't only a programmer, but also a tester of TTL/CMOS logic ICs and memories. Furthermore, it allows generation of user-definable test pattern sequences.
4. BeeProg Universal Programmer Provides very competitive price coupled with excellent hardware design for reliable programming. Probably best "value for money"programmer in this class.
5. BeeProg Universal Programmer Very fast programming due to high-speed FPGA driven hardware and execution of time-critical routines inside of the programmer. At least fast than competitors in this category, for many chips much faster than most competitors. As a result, when used in production this one-socket-programmer waits for an operator, and not the other way round.
6. BeeProg interfaces with the IBM PC 486 compatible or higher, portable or desktop personal computers through USB (2.0/1.1) port or any standard parallel (printer) port. Programmer also supports IEEE1284 (ECP/EPP) high-speed parallel port. Support of both USB/LPT port connection gives you the choice to connect the BeeProg programmer to any PC, from latest notebook to older desktop without USB port

Beeprog eprom programmer Programming speed

--It is important to know, we always use random numbers pattern for programming speed testing. Some our competitors use "sparse" pattern, where only few non-Blak data are programmed or are there are used data with only few 0 bits (FE, EF, etc.). This cheating approach can "decrease" programming time considerable. If you plan to compare, ask always which pattern they use.
--The programming speed depends on PC speed only slightly.
--If the programmer attached to PC through LPT port, the programming might take longer.

BEEPROG Universal programmer Device/ Size [bits] Operation /Time

1.M50FW080 (parallel Flash) 100000Hx8 (8 Mega) programming and verify 22 sec.
2.AM29DL323DB (parallel Flash) 208000Hx16 (32 Mega) programming and verify 31 sec.
3.AM29DL640 (parallel Flash) 400080Hx16 (64 Mega) programming and verify 61 sec.
4.AT45D081 (serial Flash) 108000Hx8 (16 Mega) programming and verify 41 sec.
5.AT89C51RD2 (microcontroller) 10000Hx8 programming and verify 15 sec.
6.PIC18LF452 (microcontroller) 4000Hx16 programming and verify 4 sec.
7. Conditions: PC Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz, USB 2.0, Windows XP /7/8.

Package list:

BeeProg programmer
switching power adapter 100..240V AC/15V DC/1A
connection cable PC-programmer, USB port
ISP cable
user manual and software (on CD)

Contact Details

Contact Person: Mr. yong

Tel: 86--15986801289

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