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wl programmer MinPro100 Programmer 25 SPI FLASH / 24 EPROM USB

wl programmer MinPro100 Programmer 25 SPI FLASH / 24 EPROM USB

wl programmer MinPro100 Programmer 25 SPI FLASH / 24 EPROM USB

Product Details:

Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: vippro
Certification: CE
Model Number: VP288

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 7
Packaging Details: package
Delivery Time: 1-2days
Payment Terms: payTT,wu.
Supply Ability: 500
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Detailed Product Description
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MinPro100 Programmer Motherboard BIOS SPI FLASH 24/25 TV Storage Device USB Burner High Speed USB Universal Programmer

1.32 bit CONTEX ARM CPU, 72MHz speed core
2.System integration of USB2.0 data transmission interface, ensure speed recording
3 support chip wide: including the most commonly used 25 SPI FLASH, 24 EEPROM,25 EEPROM, 26EEPROM,
4.Improve the function of the host computer programming software, all Chinesehumanized operation interface
5 support chips, write, rub check automatic recording
6 encryption chip removal protection function
7 automatic recognition of burning chip
(exclusive: 25 FLASH automatic identification model, 24EEPROM automatically identify the type)
(big 25 SPI FALSH database, other chip could determine the chip type 24EEPROM, the automatic recognition is powerful)
8 programming voltage automatic switching, support 3.3V 5V chip programming voltage
9 press the operation button automatically detect whether the chip card.
10 to improve the hardware and firmware, device algorithm is realized by software, it is convenient to upgrade.
11 beautiful appearance, using computer CNC shell, compact and convenient.
12 support Windows2000, XP, Vista, Win7 operating system.

Chip support list:

Maximum support 512M chip, SST series 25 chip can read and write.

2526 series device support list:


1. Appliance repair: suitable for appliance repair industry brush to write TV, DVD, computer motherboards, memory chips on the hard disk.
2. Product development: Company product development process test chip programmer.
Support Chips List:

25 26 series support list

A25L05P     A25L05PT    A25L512    A25L10P     A25L010   A25L020    A25L20P   
A25L40P    A25L040   A25L080  A25L80P     A25L16P         A25L016          A25L032
AT25F512     AT25F512B      AT25F512A     AT25F1024     AT25FS010      AT25F1024A      AT25F2048    AT25DF021 AT25DF041A    AT25F4096       AT26F004        AT26DF041A      AT25FS040    AT26DF081A   AT26DF161A AT25DF161     AT26DF161    AT26DF321     AT25DF321A       AT25DF321     AT25DF641     
EN25B05    EN25F05    EN25B05T     EN25P05     EN25LF05      EN25F10    EN25P10   EN25D10  EN25LF10   EN25D20     EN25LF20    EN25F20       EN25F40    EN25D40       EN25LF40    EN25T80   EN25D80    EN25Q80 EN25F80     EN25P80    EN25Q16       EN25H16    EN25B16T       EN25F16       EN25D16    EN25T16   EN25B16   EN25F32     EN25P32      EN25B32       EN25Q32   EN25B32T      EN25B64T      EN25Q64     EN25F64    EN25B64 EN25F128     EN25Q128      
ES25P40     ES25P80    ES25P16                       
F25L04UA    F25L004A    F25L08PA     F25L008A    F25L016A     F25L16PA   F25L32PA     F25L32QA     F25L64QA     
GD25Q512   GD25Q10   GD25Q20   GD25Q20   GD25D40   GD25Q41   GD25F40   GD25Q40  
GD25D80   GD25F80 GD25Q80    GD25T80    GD25Q16   GD25Q32    GD25Q64   GD25Q128
KH25L4006E     KH25L8036D   KH25L8006E   KH25L1606E
MSHINE:   MS25X40                      
MX25V512         MX25L512      MX25L1005    MX25L2005    MX25L2026      MX25U4035    MX25V4035 MX25L4005A MX25V4005           MX25L8005       MX25V8006E     MX25V8005     MX25U8033E      MX25L8036E    MX25V8035 MX25L8035E          MX25U8035       MX25L8006E     MX25L1636E    MX25L1606E       MX25L1633E    MX25L1608D MX25L1635E          MX25U1635E     MX25L1605D     MX25L1608E     MX25L1636D    MX25L3225D   MX25L3237D MX25L3236D          MX25L3206E      MX25L3205D    MX25U3235E    MX25L3208D     MX25L3235D     MX25U3235F   MX25L3208E          MX25L6455E     MX25L6408D    MX25L6465E       MX25L6408E       MX25L6406E     MX25L6445E MX25L6405D         MX25L6436E      MX25L6406      MX25L12865E    MX25L12835E   MX25L12836E  MX25U12835F MX25L12835F         MX25L12855E     MX25L12845E     MX25L12805D     MX25L25635E/F   MX25L25639F    MX25L25735E/F     MX25U25635F     MX25L2573       MX66L51235F     MX66U5123F
PM25LV512A              PM25LV010A              PM25LV020               PM25LV040               PM25LV080B    
S25FL001                S25FL040                S25FL002                S25FL004                S25FL008      
S25FL160                S25FL016                S25FL032                S25FL064                S25FL128            
SST25VF512A             SST25VF512              SST25VF010A             SST25VF010              SST25VF020    
SST25VF020A             SST25VF040B             SST25VF040              SST25VF040A             SST25VF080B   
SST25VF016B             SST25VF032B             SST25VF064C   
M25P05A                 M25P10A                 M25P20                  M25P40                 M25PX80                 M25PE80         M25P80                    M25PE16                 M25P16                  M25PX16                 M25PX32                 M25P32        
M25PE32                 M25P64                  M25PE64                 M25PX64                 M25P128       
W25P10                  W25X10A                 W25X10AL                W25X10L                 W25X10        
W25X20A                 W25X20L                 W25X20                  W25X20AL                W25P20        
W25Q40BV                W25X40                  W25X40AL                W25X40L                 W25X40A       
W25P40                  W25P80                  W25Q80BV                W25X80L                 W25X80A       
W25X80AL                W25Q80V                 W25X80                  W25X16                  W25Q16BV      
W25Q16V                 W25P16                  W25P32                  W25Q32V                 W25X32        
W25Q32BV                W25Q64BV                W25X64                  W25P64                  W25Q128FV     
W25Q128BV               W25Q256FV     

24 Series Support List
AT24C01B                AT24C01                 AT24C01A                AT24C02                 AT24C02A    

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