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wl programmer Smartpro T9000 plus production programmers Nand flash

wl programmer Smartpro T9000 plus production programmers Nand flash

wl programmer Smartpro T9000 plus production programmers Nand flash

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: vippro
Certification: CE
Model Number: VP288

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 100
Packaging Details: package
Delivery Time: 1-2days
Payment Terms: payTT,wu.
Supply Ability: 500
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Smartpro T9000 plus production programmers Nand flash

1. production copy. Hardware system integration four independent universal programming sites in one, the site is completely asynchronous operation, just as four independent universal programmer. Each site auto-sensing chip Plug and write, no waiting time synchronization, high speed and efficiency. For most devices, the wait for the final chip into the site, the first site has been programming is complete, and thus the production efficiency can be higher than 8 or even 16 production programmer.

2. The speed of programming. IC manufacturers using authentication algorithms, high-speed CPU + FPGA architecture that allows the programming time accurate to ns level, reaching peak speeds.

3. Reliable burn. Performed on the original seventh-generation timing generating circuit fully upgraded to ensure reliable burning old chip programming more stable. Protection circuits using original pin and pin automatic detection technology, and with more excellent electrical performance timing generator circuit, mature and reliable overcurrent protection circuit and overcurrent threshold programmable control circuit, the maximum operating voltage of the device can be programmed up to 9V, guaranteed to meet all kinds of high and low voltage chips and programming low-quality chips in a wider context, the effective protection of the environment in a variety of programming and the programming chips.

4. Data Security. Innovative engineering encryption technology, users can be programmed to encrypt data processing, and data is stored in encrypted SmartPRO T9000-PLUS built-in electronic trading, the combination of hardware and software encryption, dual protection, effectively prevent data leaks.

5. offline programming. CF card storage using programming files, without having to connect computers, portable to a variety of field, use and flexible. And built-in 32Mb electronic disk, burn chips smaller capacity CF card without having to purchase another.

6. production control. User during programming, has been shown to not only see the number of programmed chip can also pre-set number of programmed chip programming project. In actual operation, when the number reaches the user programmed preset number, this project will not continue programming the chip. It can achieve the purpose of production control.

7. remote output control function (authorization required). Source files encrypted and chips can be made to burn off the number of projects, and retain a disk file. Program development side of this document can be directly transmitted to the chip via EMAIL programming side, reaching the number of remote control chip programming purposes.

8. Using the new I / O port drive technology, making it the signal output to zero overshoot and edge speeds up 10ns. Faster I / O and power supply switching speed, so as to support more chips, part of the chip faster programming.

9. Fully EMI / EMC testing, I / O port ESD protection performance is further improved.

10. The use of 128 × 64 dot matrix LCD display, optional Chinese and English interface, display richer, programming details at a glance. Compared with similar programming, the large display can be reduced operator eye fatigue while offline batch programming, design more humane.

11. using USB2.0 (High Speed) communication, communication bandwidth of up to 480Mbps, resolve data transmission bottlenecks, the leading peer.

12. The logic testing. Testable standard TTL / CMOS logic circuits, and user-defined test vectors nonstandard logic.

13. Automatic identification EPROM models. Financial detection function and programming functions in one. Operation easier.

14. The timing of the upgrade. According to customer needs, provide programming support for all kinds of new chips.
15. The production mode (Production Mode) under the CPU socket status monitoring, once the chip is inserted correctly detected automatically start the operation of the device, eliminating all the keyboard or mouse.

16.48 feet universal all-wheel drive, supports a variety of different packages universal adapter for chip programmer. 256 programmable IO level, support 1.8V low voltage devices.

17. Have an independent ICP download line interface circuit chip board can be carried out in line programming, more convenient site commissioning engineer.

18. always track the latest trends in the world's major semiconductor chip manufacturers, and get PHILIPS, ATMEL, WINBOND upstream and many other semiconductor manufacturers recognized and praised.

19. Support the major semiconductor companies ARM chip programming, and a complete programming adapter socket matching products for customers to use the ARM chip programming of the packages can be easily resolved.

20. PC side programming software supports multi-language, arbitrary switching, and supporting a complete online help to get started easier.

21. The software supports WINDOWS NT / 2000 / XP / VISTA / WIN7 operating system (in English). Recommend customers use Windows XP.

22. PC-side programming software software adds more functionality to support operations PTT, and allows customers to customize the operating processes to meet customer needs. Support Customer interval specified block Flash, MCU, EEPROM chips and other programming, erasing and other operations. Increase the variety of chip configuration word tips to help make complex configuration functions at a glance, avoid programming errors.

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